Your Guide to a Fair Trade Mother's Day

Your Guide to a Fair Trade Mother's Day

Celebrate Mom with these Fair Trade Gifts


Mother's Day is May 8.  Here are some Fair Trade Certified gift ideas that will make mom smile and support mothers in developing countries at the same time.

While women do much of the work on small farms and plantations, they often still face unequal treatment, discrimination, and harassment in many rural areas and in factories which have reputations for abuses. Fair Trade strives to help women realize their full potential and to get the respect in their communities that they deserve. Women hired on Fair Trade farms and plantations are guaranteed access to health care, certain job rights, and freedom from harassment so that women are able to play a strong role in their families and in their coops. Fair Trade certified farms have empowered women through opportunities for education, leadership roles, and scholarships so that girls can imagine a future where they can be their own boss.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011 - 8:50am


 Your Mother’s Day gift guide from Fair Trade USA is here! The gifts on this list provide fair wages and better lives for 1.2 million farmers and workers in more than 70 countries worldwide. Each chocolate bar, bouquet of roses, glass of wine, or yummy-smelling lotion was made with respect for people and the planet. 

Fair Trade Certified roses


 Gather Fair Trade florals into a bunch of love for the mom in your life. When you purchase Fair Trade roses, you provide maternity leave,a pesticide-free environment, and job security for hundreds of women flower farmers from Kenya to Ecuador.  Spray, sprig or posy – you’ll say it with love and fairness.  Fair Trade Certified flowers can be purchased at Whole Foods Market or online from and 1-800-Flowers. Order today to make sure the flowers arrive on time! 



You can’t go wrong giving Mom a Gift of Fairness. You have more than a dozen virtual gifts from which to choose - each one representing the inspiring ways Fair Trade is changing the world: Gavel for a Woman,Prenatal Care for a Mother, or Alphabet for a Girl.  When your mom opens her personalized e-card (or one that you print out and send yourself) she knows together you have made a difference.



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Katie Barrow
Fair Trade USA