Your Family’s Privacy and the Xbox 360 Kinect

Jan 6, 2011 10:35 AM ET

Internet Safety for Kids and Families - Advice for Families & Schools from Tren…

by Lynette Owens

The idea of using mostly natural physical motions to engage in the games was thrilling (and exhausting when running & jumping were involved).  My kids love River Rush (included with the Kinect) which requires you to stand in a raft, roll down rapids, and reach, jump, and duck for coins.     After their first game, however, I was surprised to see the “photo montage” playback at the conclusion of it.  The Kinect console captured still & video images of my kids as they played the game, and played them back at the end with cute captions and music playing over the images.    It turns out that for this game to do what it does, it does more than just capture funny pictures while you play.  It reads you – your skeletal frame, your face, and even your voice if you want to use voice commands – captures this, and stores it.  This is not just information you type in or click on. 

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