Your Corporate & Brand Reputation Is Now In The Hands of Millennials

Apr 22, 2014 4:45 PM ET

Your Corporate & Brand Reputation is Now In The Hands of Millennials

MSLGROUP has launched a global primer on ‘The Future of Reputation’ that offers tremendous insights for corporate communications professionals.

'The Future of Reputation' is a collection of 14 articles, authored by the network's reputation management experts in France, Brazil, the US, UK, Germany, India, the Netherlands, China and Poland, including Scott Beaudoin, Global Director of our Corporate & Brand Citizenship Practice. Drawing on insights from the company's specialists in Employee, Social & Digital, Financial, Technology, Corporate and Brand Citizenship, the publication explores the evolving definition of reputation, how it can be protected, and how its sustainability can be assured for the future.

Key takeaways from the publication include:

·         Never was ‘doing good’ more crucial for business, wherever a company or institution comes from – a belief held true by MSLGROUP’s experts from the US to Germany to Brazil and to China.

·         Alongside typical shareholders, regulators and consumers, companies must today focus on dedicated strategies to engage Millennials (across all stakeholder groups), employees (past, current, future) and external stakeholders may have particularly demanding expectations of a company or institution, they are also more willing to collaborate and participate to make a positive difference.

·         It is almost impossible today to maintain a strong reputation without being a purpose-led company, and this should be considered an opportunity. Today’s growing demand for social transparency and corporate responsibility offers businesses an unprecedented opportunity to tell their brand story in a creative, engaging and publicly accountable way that will increasingly need to play well across social and digital media.

·         Looking to the future, companies and brands must learn to leverage Big Data to manage reputation effectively in real time.

The publication can be downloaded here.