A Year to Celebrate: 2021 IWBI Awards

The IWBI Community, Portfolio and Chairman Awards
Dec 13, 2021 4:00 PM ET

‘Tis the season for celebration. And, for a remarkable year with milestone achievements. At IWBI, we celebrate with our community to recognize all they’ve done through our annual Celebration of Leaders. Individuals and organizations from around the globe are leading the charge to revolutionize the impact our buildings, organizations and communities have on health, equity and quality of life.

We recognize our 2021 class of WELL Portfolios, WELL Faculty, WELL Advisors and WELL Accredited Professionals (WELL APs) for the enormous contributions to our shared work. Our 2021 award winners have influenced WELL’s progress through action, feedback and proactive support. This is also an opportunity to recognize the IWBI Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections for coming together to inform new strategies and WELL Building Standard applications relative to the pandemic.

“Every one of our award recipients has been at the forefront of a movement that is putting people-first places at the heart of our response to the pandemic and beyond,” said IWBI President and CEO Rachel Hodgdon. “Thanks to their continuous advocacy, deep engagement with their own communities and their passionate leadership for health and well-being everywhere, the WELL community has become a powerful force making better buildings, more vibrant communities and stronger organizations a fundamental part of our future. We extend our congratulations and gratitude to all.”

Drumroll, please…

The 2021 WELL AP of the Year: This award is given to a WELL AP for the unmatched role the honoree plays in advancing WELL around the globe.

Lisa MacVicar, Deloitte Canada
Lisa’s passionate and unflagging commitment to WELL across Deloitte elevated the meaning of health, well-being and equity to organizational scale–helping to shape the future of human and social capital management.

The 2021 Chairman’s Award: This award honors an organization that best represents a model for market transformation in building a roadmap to improved health and enhanced well-being through people-first places.

Lendlease Australian Prime Property Fund (APPF) Commercial
Touching nearly 60,000 people, Lendlease is impacting the health and well-being of its employees and customers with WELL. One of the earliest WELL champions, it achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating across 15 properties, and earned WELL Certification across six of those properties.

The 2021 WELL Portfolio awards
Our class of WELL Portfolio members are working with WELL strategies not just in one building but across a significant footprint–encompassing their portfolio of real estate.

The following Portfolio members are recognized for signature engagement in WELL:

  • People+Planet Award: Gmp Property SOCIMI - Office
  • Innovation Award: CBRE Dutch Office Fund
  • Market Transformation Award: JLL—APAC, North America and EMEA
  • Expanding Health Impact Award: Uber, Talent Hubs—North America and EMEA
  • Leadership in Mental Health Award: The Fifth Square Property (Beijing)
  • WELL Health-Safety Rating Award: Investa

We are proud to acknowledge additional organizations that are scaling health:

  • Beijing Winter Olympic Village Talent, Public Housing Portfolio
  • BNP Paribas North America Offices
  • Cadillac Fairview
  • Castellum Commercial Office Properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, Sweden
  • CBUS Property – Owned and Managed Commercial Office
  • Centene Corporate Headquarters
  • Charter Hall Prime Office Fund, Charter Hall Office Trust, Charter Hall Workplaces
  • Clayco Enterprise Offices
  • CR Land – Commercial Core & Run Accelerator – South China Portfolio
  • Cromwell– Managed Offices – Netherlands
  • Cushman & Wakefield Global Tier 1 Offices
  • Embassy REIT
  • Gemdale Xi’an Xi Feng Residential Projects
  • Herman Miller Group – Corporate Headquarters, Offices and Showrooms
  • Kilroy Realty Corporation Full Service Gross Portfolio
  • Laguna
  • Lendlease International Towers Sydney Trust and Lendlease One International Towers Sydney Trust
  • Link Logistics
  • Milliken – Floor Covering Division
  • NEO
  • Orrville, Southeast Local & Rittman, Ohio school districts
  • Renault (Ruh-NO) – Commercial Office – Technocentre Portfolio
  • SL Green – Core Owned and Managed New York, NY
  • T-Mobile – Corporate Owned Locations
  • Tingho Holding – Self-managed Real Estate Investment
  • Yuexiu

The 2021 WELL community award winners are:

For dedication to educating others and advocating for buildings, organizations and communities that support global health impacts the lives of countless people, paving the way for a healthier future for all.

  • Ana Lucia Granda
  • Anke Koch
  • Anna Obraztsova
  • Cara Kennedy
  • Charalampos Giannikopoulos
  • Chompunuch Sangkanchanavanich
  • Chris Patterson
  • Corrine Chen
  • Curtis Chan
  • Daniel Hojniak
  • David Shu
  • Deborah Davidson
  • Elaine Fang
  • Emily Tan
  • Eva Chen
  • Hajime Hongo
  • Hannah Scott
  • Heather Riley
  • Hidekazu Sawada
  • Jaiko Celka
  • Jerzy Wojcik
  • Laura Contesenne
  • Lauren Wallace
  • Lili Pan
  • Marine Calmettes
  • Masahiro Yamazaki
  • Matthieu Kieken
  • Merlyn Mathew
  • Muge Karasahin
  • Nobuaki Koyama
  • Patrick Staunton
  • Peter Buurman
  • Robyn Hyslop
  • Ruvini Silva
  • Ryosuke Kinoshita
  • Samuel Revie
  • Stella Chen
  • Tiexin Chen
  • Tim Beuker
  • Tracy Backus
  • Wiam Samir
  • Xiner Ma
  • Yashuhiro Imai
  • Yure Suarez

WELL Faculty
For a passion for WELL, and desire to use it as a vehicle to enhance the human experience and change lives for the better.

  • Adriana Olaya Cotrino
  • Alessandro Bisagni
  • Alexander Spilger
  • Bahar Armaghani
  • Bieito Silva
  • Carlie Bullock-Jones
  • Christhina Candido
  • Christine Bruckner
  • Daniele Guglielmino
  • Dionisio Franca
  • Gala Fombella
  • Hayley Koerbin
  • Huimin LV
  • Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic
  • Jennifer Taranto
  • Jie Wang
  • Joseph Marfi
  • Kavita Kumari
  • Ken Fong
  • Loreta Brazukas
  • Mohammad Abbasi
  • Naree Phinyawatana
  • Olga Turner
  • Shelly Thompson
  • Stan Ho
  • Sue Clark
  • Susana Saiz
  • Tasneem Bakri
  • Virginie Scaglia
  • Wenjie Chen
  • Yi Chun Huang
  • Ying Zhang
  • Yuchuan (Allan) Liu

WELL Advisors

  • Alicia Silva Villanueva
  • Anjanette Green
  • Deanne Brandstetter
  • Hans Wetterlund
  • Ina Rothmann
  • Jeff Hochberg
  • Lisa Hinde
  • Lucy Hart
  • Marija Gulobovich
  • Marta Fernandez
  • Matthew Howard
  • Mei-Yee Man Oram
  • Robert Soler
  • Sandra Dedesko
  • Stefano Schiavon
  • Viken Koukounian

WELL Faculty and WELL APs—a community of more than 20,000 people across 113 countries whose professional credential denotes expertise in WELL—have worked hand in hand with companies and clients who have adopted IWBI’s WELL programs.

2021 is the first year IWBI recognized organizational-level adoption of the WELL Portfolio program–leveraging a scalable approach to WELL–through their efforts to scale health and well-being strategies. This year also marked the introduction of the Chairman’s Award, recognizing market transformation. IWBI’s WELL programs, including WELL Certification, the WELL Health-Safety Rating and WELL Portfolio, now collectively span over 3 billion square feet across nearly 100 countries.

Cheers to 2022!

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