Xylem Trains Employees on Humanitarian Disaster Response and Donates Emergency Kits to Partner Mercy Corps

Xylem Trains Employees on Humanitarian Disaster Response and Donates Emergency Kits to Partner Mercy Corps

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 12:10pm

As natural disasters around the world become more frequent and cause greater damage, global water technology leader Xylem is furthering its commitment to humanitarian disaster response by providing training and resources to employee volunteers around the globe. An industry leader in providing commercial flooding and disaster prevention, mitigation and response to water operators and their communities, the company has expanded its humanitarian disaster relief efforts in recent years. Through its Xylem Watermark corporate social responsibility program, the company deploys life-saving water technologies and provides on-site support and expertise to communities facing the most severe water-related challenges. Over the past two years, Xylem Watermark has provided humanitarian aid in more than 20 areas affected by disasters around the global including the Australia Wildfires, Philippines Volcano and hurricanes across the southern shores of the United States.

In addition, Xylem is also working to ensure that its 16,000 employees, whether they live in disaster prone regions or not, are equipped with the training and knowledge they need to respond to a local disaster event and support their local communities. During Xylem Watermark’s 2020 Disaster Response Month, which launched on August 31, employees received lifesaving skills training and emergency tools and resources to prepare in the case of a natural disaster. As part of the month-long effort, Xylem sponsored employee events for disaster awareness and preparedness. Employees took part in needs assessments and worked to build virtual and at-home disaster response kits to prepare themselves and others in case of emergency.

For each virtual and personal disaster kit built during Disaster Response Month, Xylem donated a matching hygiene kit to Mercy Corps, a  global humanitarian disaster organization that deploys disaster relief around the world. The Mercy Corps Hygiene kits include a bucket, a jerry can for transporting water, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary cloths/napkins, bathing items (soap, shampoo), and laundry soap. Kits are valued at $20 each, however, prices and content can vary with the local context. They are delivered around the world to provide immediate sanitation assistance to individuals impacted in the wake of disaster.

“I joined this wonderful campaign because not only does it allow me to think about my own preparedness, but also help someone who is in a difficult time,” shared a Xylem employee. With employee participation and effort, Xylem’s Disaster Response Month was able to support Mercy Corps by donating more than 500 individual kits. Thanks to strong employee interest, Xylem is proud to continue this campaign throughout October and looks forward to providing additional kits.

“Xylem Watermark’s disaster response efforts are a critical part of our company’s commitment to creating social value and helping communities facing severe water-related challenges become more resilient and sustainable,” said Emma Housman, Program Manager, Corporate Social Investment, Xylem. “We’re proud to work with Mercy Corps, a leader in humanitarian disaster response, and proud to do our part to help make a difference.”

Preparedness is critical to safety and as storms intensify around the world, the key to being ready can be some simple steps to prepare yourself and your family.

For more information on disaster readiness or preparedness tips, visit Ready.gov or Fema.gov. More information on Xylem’s disaster response program is found here.