World Water Week and Beyond

Aug 26, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Water is vital to all life on earth. 

Our bodies need water to function and sustain us  through activities  like agriculture, manufacturing, energy generation and mining. Few resources are more important than water, and at Newmont we remain committed to creating a positive water stewardship legacy. 

This week marks 25 years of World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. This annual international conference brings organizations together to focus on the planet’s water challenges. As part of this global water conversation effort, Newmont will be exploring water issues and strategies specific to mining over the coming months. 

Newmont is committed to working with others to advance the systems, processes and treatment of water at every stage of the mine’s lifecycle. This includes:

  • Minimizing fresh water consumption by using saline or non-potable water wherever possible 

  • Developing site-specific water management strategies at all our operations to address local needs and ensure best practices. 

  • Implementing a global water strategy that aims to align the technical and operational aspects of water management with our long-term strategic and social responsibility goals  

Over the coming months, we will highlight  examples from our 2014 sustainability report, Beyond the Mine, as well as new initiatives we are working on to better manage our water consumption, including our efforts to engage with local communities and others on water quality, access and supply concerns. 

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