Work to Give, Give to Work. Where are We Now?

Mar 15, 2017 12:35 PM ET

If you look at the volunteer rates from 2011-2015, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you'll notice volunteerism has been on the decline in recent years. However, as Laura Shear, a Bay Area-based freelance writer and consultant, states in an article posted on Relate by Zendesk, "there's a glimmer of hope."

"The merging of our professional and private lives has forced new approaches to work-life fit and encourages greater freedom to pursue personal interests within working hours." - Laura Shear

Between the demands of a new generation, new approaches to work-life fit, a new business climate, and a surge in the desire to "do good" and have a postive impact in the community following a markedly divisive political campaign season, Shear provides a very on-target commentary on the state of volunteerism and the opportunities that abound for employers who make it a priority to forge a connection between their company and its local community. 

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