Why AI and Digital Twins Could Be the Keys to a Sustainable Future

By Cheryl Ajluni Director, Industry Solutions, Keysight Technologies
Nov 15, 2022 10:00 AM ET
a graphic showing digital twins

Originally published on VentureBeat

Digital twins aren’t new, but AI is supercharging what they can do. Together, they are transforming how products are designed, manufactured and maintained. The combination of the technologies provides forensic insights into our increasingly complex and interconnected world.

By deploying digital twins and AI, organizations obtain granular insights into their operations, enabling them to achieve significant benefits spanning cost savings, efficiency gains and improved sustainability efforts. Product quality is also enhanced through a reduction in defects and the accelerated resolution of issues throughout the lifecycle. In addition, innovation increases through more frequent and comprehensive development.

Gartner defines a digital twin as “a digital representation of a real-world entity or system. Data from multiple digital twins can be aggregated for a composite view across a number of real-world entities, such as a power plant or a city, and their related processes.” AI enhances digital twins, enabling the technology to look at what-if scenarios and run simulations, providing previously unavailable insights. This improved situational awareness of cause and effect supports more agile and sustainable decision-making.

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