What is Land Betterment's LBX Environmental Crypto Token?

What is Land Betterment's LBX Environmental Crypto Token?

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 3:55pm

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Have you ever wondered what exactly is the LBX Token or how you can earn them? Have more questions? Read our LBX Token whitepaper to learn more. 

About Land Betterment Exchange (LBX) 

Land Betterment Exchange is an environmentally driven crypto token that creates a financial incentive and trading market to pull forward environmental cleanup and expedite the transition away from fossil fuels while providing new sustainable livable wage jobs for the local community. It is a token built off the ERC-20 Ethereum framework that provides a direct financial incentive to promote and accelerate environmental cleanup of negatively impacted lands from the fossil fuel industry while also creating new family supportable environmental jobs in hard hit communities. The LBX business model is built to utilize positive incentives to motivate individuals and businesses to help transition fossil fuel communities forward with jobs and environmental progress. Land Betterment Exchange has engaged Land Betterment Corporation as its token issuance partner to ensure that the integrity of the token issuance process is adhered to, and the environment cleanup is completed. We can now be found on FacebookLinkedinTwitterInstagramRedditTikTok.

About Land Betterment Corporation 

Land Betterment Corporation, an Indiana Benefit Corporation and Pending B-Corp, is an environmental solutions company focused on fostering a positive impact through upcycling former coal mining sites to create sustainable community development and job creation. The Company utilizes a complete solution-based lifecycle program to restore and rehabilitate the environment and revitalize communities in need of change and opportunity. Land Betterment accomplishes this by identifying un-reclaimed, run-down and neglected coal mining sites, fixing the environment through reclamation and remediation, and then repurposing the land to support a sustainable business that serves the community. Land Betterment firmly believes that with real solutions it is possible for restoration of impacted areas to live side-by-side long term employment, while building sustainable and safe surroundings for communities and our planet. For more information visit landbetterment.com or connect with the Company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn