A Year of Growth and Innovation at ekō Solutions

Jan 4, 2024 11:50 AM ET
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2023 marked a transformative year for ekō Solutions, a Land Betterment company, characterized by agility, diversification, and innovation. Our commitment to meeting customer needs led to a remarkable 500% expansion of our up-cycled and often ‘double recycled’ shipping container product line.

Our diverse range of customized dwellings and structures, crafted from up-recycled shipping containers, provide solutions across a variety of industries, including commercial, recreational, residential, rental, glamping, and crisis recovery. These sustainable structures seamlessly blend contemporary design with practicality, showcasing our dedication to eco-friendly living.

Agility in Action: To enhance the value we bring to the market, we transitioned to a more agile and efficient manufacturing space in Decatur, Alabama. This move allowed us to achieve improved workflow, reduced waste and maintain an agile workforce.

Diverse Offerings: Our products are designed for versatility. One day, a container is an RV on wheels; the next, it transforms into an ekō Outpost vacation rental in a campground or on a beach. Our dwellings, while diverse, share a common adaptability, ensuring they can effectively meet customer demands and generate a consistent revenue stream. Additionally, we've obtained modular construction licenses in four states: Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Expanding Product Line: Our product line encompasses rental, recreation, residential, and commercial solutions. From short-term housing to mobile retail and marketing activation spaces, each ekō modular solution is customizable, sustainable, durable, and affordable. Innovative building practices sets ekō Solutions apart from the traditional construction industry, exemplified by 'double recycled' container homes repurposed from crisis recovery situations into vacation rental properties. Our product lines are as follows:

Examples of our ekō Homes include:

  • Short-Term Housing – 1- 29 days
  • Mid-Term Housing – 29 days - 3 months
  • Long-Term Housing – up to 10 years
  • Tiny Homes
  • Glamping
  • RV Camping
  • Outdoor Living Experiences through Airbnb and VRBO at ekō Outpost properties

We now offer a variety of designs and layouts with a wide range of commercial applications. Some uses include:

  • Mobile Retail Spaces
  • Mobile Marketing Activation
  • Porto-Containers – Mobile and Permanent Restrooms
  • Mobile and Temporary Offices
  • Food Service
  • Laboratory and Research Facilities
  • Portable Garage Workshops
  • Sound Booths
  • Security Guard Shacks
  • Mobile Electrolysis Containers
  • Pet Care Units
  • Medical Service Units
  • Multi-Container Commercial Solutions (Daycares, Classrooms, Co-Working Spaces)

Crisis Recovery 
In times of natural disasters, we collaborate with local communities, churches, foundations, and sponsors to deploy ekō Villages of Hope. Our solution provides temporary housing to those in need. A notable example is Camp G.R.A.V.E.S in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.

Customer-Driven Innovation: Our customers are at the heart of our innovation. Every day, we learn from them, using their feedback as a real-time focus group. This customer-centric approach has driven the evolution of our Gateway Collection, demonstrating our commitment to problem-solving.

Looking Ahead to 2024: As we ride the momentum of 2023, expect ekō Solutions to continue expanding and innovating in 2024 and beyond. We anticipate securing modular building licenses in two additional states where modular construction is gaining popularity across diverse demographics.

For more information on ekō Solutions' offerings, visit www.ekosolutionsllc.com.

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About ekō Solutions: ekō Solutions, a division of Land Betterment Company a Certified B Corporation, is a sustainable development company utilizing innovative, low-cost, up-cycled shipping container structures to provide durable, high-end solutions to the building marketplace while also maintaining the ability to be utilized in a mobile environment. ekō Solutions uses innovative ecological structures to replace legacy inefficient and ineffective methods of living, growing, and working. The sustainable craftsmanship of our up-cycled shipping container structures is what separates us from the alternatives. Our structures are suitable for residential, crisis recovery, commercial and recreation use.

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