Meet James Jackson - ekō Solutions’ Boutique Retreat Portfolio Manager

Jan 31, 2024 12:35 PM ET
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Hello – I’m Stephanie Conzelman, Stakeholder Engagement Director with ekō Solutions, a Land Betterment company. Recently, I met up with James Jackson, ekō Solutions’ Boutique Retreat Portfolio Manager. This is a quick read which enables us to learn a little more about James and why ekō Solutions is rapidly expanding its boutique up-cycled shipping container vacation rental division.

Q: What is ekō Solutions doing that is unique?

A: Wow, there are many things that differentiate ekō Solutions from the others. I think the most important differentiator is our attention to “smart details.” We have created vacation rental communities using “double-recycled” shipping containers which are cool, sleek, modern and really comfortable. Double-recycled means that these containers were once used to transport goods across the Atlantic, then were used to house victims of natural disasters and now act as vacation properties.

Some of our properties are themed based as well which has been well received by our guests. The possibilities are endless- pastel colors and themes for our costal properties, or team colors for our sport enthusiasts, or hunting themes, etc. But the common thread in all our units is a welcoming atmosphere.

Also, many of our villages are in remote areas which helps our guests disconnect and relax. In fact, one property is 20 minutes from the nearest gas station. So really, it’s a best of both worlds’ scenario – convenience meets a “get away from it all vacation.”

Q: Why is a shipping container good to use for rental vacation properties?

A: Well for the guest, they are always looking for unique experiences and our properties provide that. Some folks like our models because they are like a camper and provide a glamping experience. Our guests are in the outdoors away from it all, but they didn’t have to drag their RV with them and/or pitch a tent. Instead, they went on a booking site, made a reservation and all the other details are taken care of. People love staying in our units. Not only are they modern but they are sustainable.

Additionally, these units are mobile, consistent, and easy for our team to replicate expeditiously.

Q: As the Portfolio Manager of the ekō Solutions boutique retreats, what does your role entail?

A: I wear many hats, but in short, I manage the units from sales to upkeep and everything in between. I love everything about this role, particularly getting to know our customer’s likes and dislikes. This has really helped us roll out units that our customers want.

Q: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

A: Absolutely! Shipping container dwellings are real! Often people tell me that they thought this was just a social media phenomenon and humans didn’t really dwell in re-purposed shipping containers. Well, I am here to tell you that ekō Solutions’ shipping containers are real. In fact, they are super cool and make for such a fun and relaxing vacation. I invite our readers to visit any one of our listing partners to see the units. Our rentals are available through Airbnb,, Peerspace, Giggster and misterb&b.

In addition to managing ekō Solutions’ boutique rental retreats, James is the Co-founder of Block Experience Solutions, a modular structure design and development company. James, a Birmingham Alabama native, earned a BA in Communications with a minor in Mass Media from Henderson State University in Birmingham Alabama.

About ekō Solutions 
ekō Solutions, a Land Betterment Company, is a sustainable development company utilizing innovative, low-cost, up-cycled shipping container structures to provide durable, high-end solutions to the building marketplace while also maintaining the ability to be utilized in a mobile environment. ekō Solutions uses innovative ecological structures to replace legacy inefficient and ineffective methods of living, growing and working. The sustainable craftsmanship of our up-cycled shipping container structures is what separates us from the alternatives. Our structures are suitable for residential, crisis recovery, commercial and recreation use. For more information visit and connect with ekō Solutions on Facebook, LinkedIn and X.

About Land Betterment Corporation 
Land Betterment Corporation, an Indiana Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, is an environmental solutions company focused on fostering a positive impact through upcycling former coal mining and industrial sites to create sustainable community development and job creation. The Company utilizes a complete solution-based lifecycle program to restore and rehabilitate the environment and revitalize communities in need of change and opportunity. Land Betterment accomplishes this by identifying un-reclaimed, run-down and neglected coal mining sites, fixing the environment through reclamation and remediation, and then repurposing the land to support a sustainable business that serves the community. Land Betterment firmly believes that with real solutions it is possible for restoration of impacted areas to live side-by-side long term employment, while building sustainable and safe surroundings for communities and our planet. For more information visit or connect with the Company on Facebook, X and LinkedIn.

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