What is BOMA Best certification?

Dec 7, 2010 11:20 AM ET

Vigilant Futures Blog

Walking in the main lobby of our building one day I noticed some new signage on my way to the elevators. Our building was BOMA Best certified.

The BOMA Best (Building Environmental Standards) initiative is Canada’s leading environmental certification program for commercial buildings and Vigilant Futures’ is fortunate enough to have its headquarters in a BOMA Best certified building. (http://www.bomabest.com/)

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About Vigilant Futures :

Vigilant Futures is a Montreal-based research and development firm and leader in the design and implementation of high-performance systems and innovative software solutions applied to the world of finance. The Company fosters active engagement with the community, believing community involvement enriches the experience of working and living in Montreal and offers a collaborative and rewarding work environment.