Wesco Solutions Thrive on Supplier Diversity Growth

Jun 21, 2023 9:00 AM ET

Wesco is committed to supplier diversity and driving socio-economic growth. We promote the participation of minority-, women-, aboriginal-, people with disabilities-, veteran-, service-disabled veteran, and LGBTQ-owned enterprises in our distribution business.

Wesco is committed to promoting the participation of Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE) and Federal Government Small Business Administration (SBA) defined businesses in our distribution business. We increase company value working with certified DBE and SBA businesses through purchasing or reselling opportunities, participating in teaming arrangements and subcontracting whenever practical. We are equally committed to growing our diverse vendor network. We strive to strengthen our supplier diversity engagements to contribute to the economic growth and expansion in the communities we serve.

Guiding Principles

  • Strengthen our diversity supplier community economically.
  • Offer DBEs and SBA defined businesses an opportunity to compete on an equal basis.
  • Support the demand from customers for value-added and third-party certified diversity partners.
  • Focus on building an authentic and engaging culture of inclusion and diversity.

Our Solutions

Our solutions thrive on supplier diversity growth through innovation by introducing new products, driving competition resulting in savings, and through a channel that extends sales reach.

We recognize the benefits that a network of diverse businesses bring to the communities we serve, customers we supply, and the enterprises we maintain. As a world-class organization, we have prioritized this initiative to help strengthen economic growth in the communities we support.

Diversity Alliance Network

Wesco’s Diversity Alliance partners provide customers with a direct procurement solution. A network of trusted and vetted third-party certified companies aligned to Wesco’s sales teams. They provide value-added solutions, along with access to Wesco’s 1.5M products to help customers meet diversity goals.

Diverse Supplier Network

Wesco partners with diverse suppliers to enhance our supply chain. Our program creates growth opportunities for suppliers and creates a Tier 2 diversity solution for our customers. Meaning when a customer has a diversity spend requirement, we work to find the right suppliers to fulfill their needs.

Learn about our commitment to supplier diversity and driving socio-economic growth here.