We Can Find You A Space In The Mall Parking Lot, Ma'am, But Your CT Scan Will Have To Wait

Dec 20, 2011 10:25 AM ET

We Can Find You A Space In The Mall Parking Lot, Ma'am, But Your CT Scan Will H…

by Dr. Len December 17, 2011   This week I decided to read a section in the newspaper I don't ordinarily have time for and came across an article that described all the wonderful technology and social media that is being applied to the science of getting people to, into, and out of the shopping mall parking lot-especially during this season of holiday joy. 

There appear to be several premises driving parking lot technology. Among them: 1) get them to the parking lot. If the lot is too full, maybe having them come later might be customer-friendly. You know, build mall parking lot loyalty and all that stuff through serving the customer (remember that thought). 2) Once they get to the lot, get them to the closest parking spot which is what everyone wants. (Except me. I like to park far away and tote up the steps on my pedometer. My wife is not a fan of that strategy.) 3) Provide them valet services that work, including having the car ready and waiting for you when you set back to the front door laden with packages by using beepers that can signal the valet you are on your way.

There are other aspects of this wondrous technology, including special lights that show you where there was an available place just for you, social media apps that transmit this information to your smart phone, big signs that tell you the same thing so you don't have to be distracted from driving looking at your smart phone while you are trying to find a parking spot.

As I said, fascinating stuff. But what could this possibly have to do with health care? More...