Volcom Talks About Give Back Collab With Krochet Kids

Volcom's Director of Sustainability & CSR sits down with the Krochet Kids in Costa Mesa to learn more about their recently launched collaboration.
Jun 28, 2011 3:43 PM ET

Volcom x Krochet Kids x Fall 2011

The Give Back Series for 2011 has been stronger than ever! Spring 2011 introduced tees for TACA, Summer 2011 gave you tees for Mauli Ola Foundation, and now for Fall 2011, we’re happy to announce our partnership with a group based here in Costa Mesa called Krochet Kids, international. Read more here...


About the Give Back Series: Created in 2008, the Give Back Series is one where a percentage of proceeds from select styles go directly to community-based non-profits.  The company supports charities and organizations, including the National Coalition for the Homeless, TACA, Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii, Mauli Ola Foundation and more   “ Whenever you buy Give Back Series Product, you’re helping us support non-profit organizations that we have partnered up with each season. These are organizations that are doing amazing things in the community and while you may or may not be benefitting from the work they are doing, we can assure you, they are doing very positive, and life changing work.” - Volcom     About Krochet Kids international: Krochet Kids intl. is a cause-driven accessories brand that is working to eradicate poverty through sustainable economic development programs and unique, one-of-a-kind products. The organization is currently working in Northern Uganda and Peru to fulfill its mission statement – to empower people to rise above poverty.   Buy a hat. Change a life.   VOLC14916