Virtual Meeting Attendance: Not Present, But Still Here

Teleconferences and Videoconferences Can Be Effective If Properly Used
Oct 1, 2009 4:15 PM ET

There are both benefits and challenges to holding virtual meetings. BoardSource's latest white paper provides practical tips to make them a viable option for most boards.

Virtual board meetings offer flexibility to board meetings. They allow individual board members to participate when they otherwise would not be able to attend a meeting. They permit a committed board to save time, money, and effort. And they are excellent tools for most committee meetings.

Ultimately, however, technology is a tool. It won’t improve a board that is poorly engaged, unmotivated, or full of controversy. Virtual meetings can’t fix quorum problems or suddenly pull shy members out of their shells. They don’t build camaraderie or cohesion. But they do serve a purpose in today’s world.

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