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Jan 5, 2011 10:30 AM ET

Board Life Matters

by Jessica Griffin

I recently had the opportunity to present “Getting Started in Board Service” to a group of teenagers attending a youth philanthropy camp hosted by Grab the Torch* and held at Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I began my presentation with the question, “How many students want to stay involved in volunteering and service?” Everyone’s hands shot up.   “How many of you think you may want to work for a nonprofit in the future?” was the next question I asked. Again, I counted many hands.   The students also shared strong interests in becoming more involved in philanthropy and  making financial contributions to the nonprofit organizations they cared about.   Then, I asked a final question – the question I had really travelled all of the way to Colorado to address – “How many of you would like to join a nonprofit board of directors one day?”   This question was met with zero hands and utter silence! (read more here…)     * The mission of Grab the Torch (GTT) is to deliver an organic and common-sense approach to giving, volunteering, and philanthropy to the next generation.  GTT believes in the importance of preparing the next generation for their upcoming role and responsibility as volunteers, board and committee members, and visionaries for the nonprofit world.


Board Life Matters is a national sounding board designed to inspire and engage the next generation in nonprofit board service.

Board Life Matters is a BoardSource project  and is dedicated to advancing the public good by building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service.