VIDEO: Watch Mark Layman CEO of Balfour Beatty Construction Take Ice Bucket Challenge

Sep 3, 2014 2:00 PM ET

Amazing how a bucket of ice water and a good cause can rally employees behind a good cause. Employees throughout Balfour Beatty Construction (BBC) are lining up to take-on the ice bucket challenge! While everyone has found a way to have fun with the challenges, the reasons behind the challenges hit very close to home for many of our employees. “I love the ice bucket challenge, said Mark Layman, chairman and CEO of Balfour Beatty Construction. We are a big family [at BBC] and every day members of our family are directly or indirectly being impacted by serious health issues, whether it be ALS, cancer, or other physical challenges. The ice bucket challenge is great to not only raise money that will help, but also to rally us as a BBC family to get personally engaged…and to put a smile on each other’s faces while we do so!” We recognize there are so many organizations that are extremely important to so many of our employees, their families, and our communities.

Therefore, we are carrying on with the Balfour Beatty ice bucket challenge, where employees challenge each other and donations are being made to their charity of choice. This challenge was kicked off by Denny Zimmermann and Emilio Vargas in the corporate brand and communications department, and the challenges have taken off in the corporate office! When nominated to take the challenge, Patty LaPrade, Balfour Beatty’s business improvement director said, “I don’t necessarily love getting drenched with cold water, but I do love the sense of community and connection that the ice bucket challenge is bringing across the nation, largely due in part to the ALS organization. The response has been incredible, ALS awareness has been raised, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I was tagged.” She continued, “What I also found encouraging was BBC’s embrace of the initiative. I shouldn’t have been surprised given our culture and the various efforts to support our communities and charities. It’s wonderful to see so many BBC folks participating and with a smile on their face! I love that co-workers have put a personal stamp on the challenge in donating to the organizations close to them. My family has been touched by ALS, we lost our sweet Aunt Billie to ALS eight years ago - it’s a horrible disease. In addition to donating to ALS, I felt compelled to donate to the National Brain Tumor Society. Cancer has affected too many of us and there are many great cancer foundations to support; however, I selected a brain tumor foundation as it’s hitting close to home these days.

The BBC ice bucket challenge is a win any way you look at it -- fun and laughter with co-workers while supporting worthy causes.” Nominations are being made throughout the entire company now and we’re keeping tabs of who’s up next! Below are the videos to-date


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