Video: Tackling Hard-to-Recycle Plastic Waste | One Take With Ron Cotterman

Dec 2, 2022 2:25 PM ET

Originally posted by Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Sealed Air is driving the packaging industry in creating circular value chains that prevent waste, enable recovery of materials, and reduce dependence on natural resources. The company’s Vice President of Sustainability Innovation & Strategy, Ron Cotterman, talked to the Alliance to End Plastic Waste about circularity. Watch the interview here.

From improved recycling methods to digital watermarks that help get used plastic packaging back into the circular economy, Cotterman seeks materials and technologies that can keep hard-to-recycle packaging waste out of the environment. “I believe very strongly about conservation of resources. I believe in protecting people. And I believe in protecting nature,” Cotterman says. “By eliminating plastic waste, you actually do all three of those things."