Video Makes The Difference to Community Investment Visibility

Video Makes The Difference to Community Investment Visibility

TWC Brings CSR To Life Through Video Storytelling
Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 11:05am

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By Daniel Sites, Creative Producer, Content Creation

Time Warner Cable has a long, rich history of investing in the communities in which we operate. Capturing, on video, what this investment looks like and sharing it with the world is the best part of my job.  

As a Creative Producer in Time Warner Cable’s Content Creation group, I have the privilege of working with our Community Investment team to highlight the positive contributions TWC is making in the communities we serve.  Whether its presenting Family Friday’s at MoMath or celebrating the LEAP program at the Ali Forney Center, I strive to tell a story about the organization and subtly underscore how TWC's support makes a difference.  It is important to us that the audience’s main takeaway is to learn more about the organizations in their own community and the positive impact they make every day. Our secondary goal is to show the benefit of TWC's partnership with them, demonstrating that great things are possible when people, organizations, and communities work together.  

Our team has a structural formula in place when producing and editing these short videos. We have a predetermined list of questions and a narrative structure that the final piece will follow. The variable, unique to each and every piece and creatively the most rewarding to capture, is finding the special moments when people are truly the happiest and engaged in the program. It can be challenging to film real people and expect them to forget about the camera; bright lights, and a few other strangers staring at them as they go about their business.  However, if you find the right person and put them in the right situation, it is only matter of time before the lights and camera fade into the background and their true expressions of wonder, excitement and joy will rise to the surface.  Being a witness to those magical moments of raw human emotion is special and a joy to share with others.

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