Video: Interview With Lead Developer Behind SEE's New Compostable Packaging Tray

Feb 13, 2024 7:35 AM ET

As food packaging standards evolve, meat processors and grocery retailers are seeking an eco-conscious alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) for packaging fresh poultry and red meat.

Global packaging provider SEE recently introduced the first biobased, industrial compostable tray for protein packaging that has been successfully tested to meet the demands of existing food processing equipment.

SEE's CRYOVAC® brand compostable overwrap tray is made from food-contact grade resin, which is USDA-certified as having 54% biobased content chemically derived from renewable wood cellulose. The tray will break down into organic material without leaving toxic residue.

SEE's Tiffani Burt, Ph.D. led the development of the CRYOVAC® brand compostable overwrap tray. In this video interview she succinctly explains the science behind the packaging solution, what makes it compostable, and how it will help companies meet their sustainability goals.