Video: Illumina Employees Share Their “Why”

Jun 12, 2024 9:30 AM ET
Campaign: People

What if the work you did every day could impact the lives of people you know? Or all of humanity? At Illumina, we believe that, together, we can use genomics to build a stronger world for the greater good. Regardless of background, department, or job function, a commitment to the mission connects our employees. Meet four professionals working at Illumina and learn what it means to them.

Watch: Share Your Why | Why work at Illumina? 

A global genomics leader, Illumina provides comprehensive next-generation sequencing solutions to the research, clinical, and applied markets. Through collaborative innovation, Illumina is fueling groundbreaking advancements in oncology, reproductive health, genetic disease, microbiology, agriculture, forensic science, and beyond.

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