Vetiver Together: Our Efforts, Continued

Mar 16, 2018 1:00 PM ET

Vetiver Together: Our Efforts, Continued

In 2016, IFF and Unilever, in collaboration with Oxfam Great Britain, Heifer International and the Ford Foundation, launched Vetiver Together, a two-year pilot program aimed to improve the livelihoods of the vetiver farming communities, strengthen IFF’s vetiver supply chain and increase environmental conservation.

To enhance the livelihoods of the vetiver farmers, the Vetiver Together initiative addresses three main areas of need, which are food security, women’s empowerment and reforestation. Addressing these needs will avoid premature harvest, and thereby increase the quality of life of the local farmers. By partnering with Heifer International, IFF is working with smallholder farmers within our vetiver supply chain to implement the proven methodology and the unique approach of the Placement of the Animals ceremony. 

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As part of Heifer’s practice of Passing of the Gift (POG), the first female offspring of each livestock, along with training and seeds, will be passed on to another family in need, doubling the impact of the original placement. This cycle will continue with the POG recipients, who then pass their offspring on to others in the community.

Now, we are happy to say that the “Passing of the Gift” ceremony took place in Haiti last month. Our efforts with Vetiver Together will continue to expand, reaching other members of the vetiver farming community. Scroll through the pictures to see the recent ceremony.