Verizon Launches Campaign to Support Girls in STEM

Verizon Launches Campaign to Support Girls in STEM

Monday, June 16, 2014 - 1:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Education


Verizon is working with MAKERS and the Verizon Foundation to #InspireHerMind and encourage more girls to get involved in the high-tech STEM fields.

The provocative multi-platform campaign will focus on STEM's female leaders, changing the conversation, and ways to involve more young women in the STEM fields. The campaign's messaging is built on the insight that the number of women interested in STEM drops significantly between childhood and adulthood and that a majority of the future's jobs will require STEM experience. By reaching audiences via television, digital, and social media, the initiative aims to encourage young girls to break those gender barriers and pursue a path towards a career in STEM. 

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