The Value of Water: What Does Water Mean to You?

The Value of Water: What Does Water Mean to You?

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 12:25pm

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Water is one of the most valuable resources we have. It supports life across the planet and is integral in our daily lives. To celebrate World Water Day and inspire an on-going conversation about the importance of protecting water, we've asked our co-workers and partners a very important question - what does water mean to you? 

Julie Mouton

Title: Corporate Water Solutions Lead
Company: Antea Group, USA

"The February 2021 extreme weather events in Texas highlighted the vulnerability of our water supply systems. Our growing population and semiarid climate further underscore the need for water conservation, good water governance, and collective action projects to ensure long-term water security for the state."

Fátima Bertrán de Lis

Title: Senior Environmental Consultant
Company: denkstatt, Austria

"Water is always present in my favorite landscapes. It is a pleasure to work supporting companies on their sustainable use making sure that these landscapes persist."

Dirk Muenstermann

Title: Senior Consultant for Hydrogeology and Environment
Company: HPCA, Germany

"There is no better place than near the water."

Nadia Jebbour

Title: Hydrologist and Water Resource Specialist
Company: Antea Group, France

"Water is our fuel."

Beatrice Bizzaro

Title: EHS Specialist/Alliance for Water Stewardship Specialist
Company: HPC Italy

"Water is a shared precious resource and it is the role of every one of us to contribute to its safeguard and conservation. I am proud to be the first Credentialed Alliance for Water Stewardship Specialist in Italy, and to be part of greater mission to resiliently face water-related challenges around the globe."

Marta Saracyn

Title: Water Management Team Leader
Company: Antea Group, Poland

"As a mom of two and a Hydrologist, water means a future. In my work to protect water quality and quantity, I keep in mind that I am doing this not only to improve the current situation, but also for my kids and all children. Water is the key to life of next generations"

Syahirah Taha

Title: Environmental Consultant
Company: EnviroSolutions & Consulting, Malaysia

"Water is essential for Life. Water is the driving force of all nature."

Hilton Lucio

Title: CEO
Company: Antea Group, Brasil

"Just before Christmas, my family and I rented a small cabin in the mountains. A couple meters from the cabin was a very nice mountain river with pristine water. It was really good for our sanity. Water is fundamental for health. Environmental and ecological health, economical health and, very important over these days, our health."

Krishna Kant Gupta

Title: Director - Water and Urban Infrastructure
Company: Antea Group, India

"Water is natures’ most important gift to humans and Antea Group in India made consistent efforts to establish itself in the water and urban business segment and deliver innovative solutions in hydraulic modelling, flood mapping, climate adaptation, inland water transport and waste water treatment. Personally, I have devoted more than 25 years of my career towards sustainable development of water and supported various initiatives."

And to wrap it all up and express our appreciation for water, enjoy a water Haiku by Antea Group's own, Julie Mouton: 

Peaceful and soothing.
Often taken for granted.
It deserves our love.

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