USISPF Announces Launch of CEO Water Alliance on World Water Day

New initiative aims to address the water crisis in India and create measures to promote sustainable usage of water
Mar 22, 2018 2:00 PM ET

NEW DELHI, March 22, 2018 /3BL Media/ - The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), along with its member company, Nalco Water (an Ecolab company) today launched their CEO Water Alliance (CEWA) Initiative in New Delhi. CEWA aims to bring together CEOs and other stakeholders from various platforms, including both government and private institutions, to address the water crisis in India and create proactive measures that will promote sustainable usage of water.

Water scarcity is impacting several countries across the globe today. In India, some estimates predict that the nation will be water scarce by 2025. It is estimated that $114 billion in annual sustainable water management investments are needed over the next 15 years in India to ensure availability of this finite resource.

USISPF believes it is a corporate imperative to not only conserve water for business continuity, but also to protect surrounding communities. USISPF’s member companies have expressed great interest in working within the CEWA initiative in order to share best practices and work with governments to establish an effective policy framework that will help ensure a sustainable water future for India.

The CEWA has discussed the objectives of this initiative with the relevant stakeholders - both within the government and in the private sector. Members of the CEWA are committed to providing inputs about best practices for water conservation through introduction of new technology. The initiative will provide a platform for potential investors and funders to come together and establish areas of collaboration.

USISPF President and CEO Dr. Mukesh Aghi applauded the efforts of member companies that are collaborating with USISPF on this important initiative. “Water scarcity is a major social and economic problem being faced by all countries. The recent water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa, captured the attention of governments around the world. The need to act to protect our most coveted natural resource is now. USISPF looks forward to working with our member companies to address this serious problem and to prepare for a more sustainable future.”

The formation of the CEWA initiative is an outcome of the CEO roundtable event in November 2017, hosted by the U.S. Commercial Service and Nalco Water, which promoted the importance of water for business continuity and highlighted best practices and technologies for smart water management. A takeaway from this event was the need to form this alliance of  India’s leaders to work individually and collectively to set tangible goals for reducing water use.

About the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF):

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Nina Anand