Using Corporate Responsibility to Mind the Talent Gap

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Feb 13, 2012 11:15 AM ET

Executive Forum Blog

By Shannon Schuyler, Sr. Managing Director; PwC CR Leader

News headlines across the world remain focused on record joblessness and struggling economies. A deeper story, however, lies in the scarcity of talent facing corporate America. Today’s workers simply don’t have the skills employers need.

PwC’s recently released 2012 Global CEO Survey found that almost 60 percent of U.S. CEOs planning to hire this year believe it won’t be easy to find the right people. (And this despite a jobless rate that’s hovered in the 9 percent range for months in the U.S.)

Almost a quarter of the U.S. CEOs confirm they were unable to pursue a market opportunity and another fifth were unable to innovate effectively because of talent constraints. Eighty-four percent of these CEOs are making direct investments in workforce development, but these measures alone aren’t enough. Most people consider hiring and retaining the right people a human resources issue, but I and others in the corporate responsibility (CR) community consider recruitment and retention inextricably linked to our field.

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