Unprecedented Attendance on “Anti-Corruption Crack Down” Webinar Which Focuses on the Corruption Epidemic

Unprecedented Attendance on “Anti-Corruption Crack Down” Webinar Which Focuses on the Corruption Epidemic

Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 12:30pm

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With a record number of attendees viewing Source Intelligences’ webinar “Anti-Corruption Crack Down,” it is clear to see that more companies large and small are understanding the benefits of an anti corruption management system. Although the efforts of companies trying to minimize risk are growing, the amount of business and companies that are unfamiliar with the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act) still remain excessively large.   In an article published by Ed March of the Consilium Global Business Advisor, he emphasizes the notion that governing entities such as the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the DOJ (Department of Defense) are narrowing in their scope on companies large and small. This brings up an interesting point that Ed discuses in his article that “It’s not just the behemoths any more.”

“Because most businesses are generally unfamiliar with the FCPA, perhaps assuming it's not pertinent to their activities because naturally they don't condone corruption, there are areas of unmitigated risk which represent both short and long-term exposure...for every business with international sales.”

Being able to recognize the risk is crucial in clearing these hurdles - but what if there are unrecognized exposure points? It is true; naturally companies do not condone corruption, which is why many companies carry ‘zero tolerance’ rules that keep their employees within arms reach if any such incidents happen. But what about their third party suppliers and supply chain network? As Ed March explains,

“If your distributor or rep undertakes corrupt practices on your behalf, even without your knowledge or agreement, and even if entirely routine and common in their market, you have liability.” 

As the commercial industry becomes more aware of its responsibility in anti-corruption, it is seeing how large of an effect it can possibly have on the company and ultimately its growth. With more ethical watch dogs and governing entities trying to crack down on the influences from bad business, Source Intelligence redefines the way business’ can potentially minimize risk, expose the unexposed dangers, and ultimately safe guard them from bad business and corruption. You can see more in-depth information by viewing our recent webinar, Anti Corruption Crack Down, here.

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