United Flies the First Passenger Flight Using 100% SAF

Jan 26, 2022 11:20 AM ET

It's our one-year anniversary! A year ago, we announced our commitment to be 100% green by 2050 without relying on traditional carbon offsets. One year later, we've made big moves to build a more sustainable airline.

  • We've committed to purchasing 2x the rest of the world’s airlines publicly announced sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) commitments combined.
  • We’ve remained committed to investing in carbon capture and sequestration as a key pathway to achieving our climate goals.
  • We've brought together nearly 30 corporate and cargo customers to collectively contribute to the future purchase of 7.1 million gallons of SAF.
  • We’ve made investments in 0% carbon aircraft electric taxis from Archer and ES-19 planes from Heart Aerospace to help us get to net-zero travel before competitors.
  • We’ve ordered new planes —270 to be exact — that will reduce CO2 emissions by 14% per seat.
  • We made history with the first passenger flight using 100% SAF to prove that there are no operational differences so that we can continue our work to scale SAF use in our fleet and make an even bigger impact (behind-the-scenes of this historic flight).

From electric planes, to new planes (737MAX), to carbon capture and SAF, we're building the future of sustainable flight. united.com/100green