UN Global Compact Bulletin (October 2013)

UN Global Compact Bulletin (October 2013)


The UN Global Compact Bulletin is designed to keep participants up to date on news, engagement opportunities, resources and events. Participants are encouraged to look to this monthly communication for important information. Please note that engagement opportunities and events are intended for Global Compact stakeholders unless otherwise indicated. The Bulletin is published in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 12:30pm

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1.  UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013 Convenes 1,200 Participants to Advance Corporate Engagement on Sustainable     Development Priorities

  • Secretary-General Unveils Architecture to Scale Up Corporate Action, Stresses that Business is “Integral” to UN Agenda
  • New Platforms Launched: Business for Peace and Business Engagement in Education
  • Global Compact and Accenture Release Largest Global CEO Study on Sustainability
  • UN Private Sector Forum Showcases African Business Leaders
  • Fast-Paced, High-Powered Special Events Convened on First Day of Leaders Summit
  • Deputy Secretary-General Addresses CEO Water Mandate
  • Pearl Initiative and Global Compact Partner to Advance Corporate Sustainability in the Arab World
  • Women Corporate Leaders Urge Businesses to Act on Climate Change

2.      Global Compact Launches Stock Index

3.      CEO Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles Tops 600

4.      Management Educators Commit to “Building the Post-2015 Business Engagement Architecture”, Launch Champion Group

5.      Communication on Engagement Policy for Non-Business Participants to Take Effect on 31 October 2013

6.      Participant Status: New Signatories, COPs and Delistings



1.      Call for Nominations: WEPs Leadership Award

2.      Call to Action: Anti-Corruption and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

3.      Provide Input: Sustainable Agriculture Business Principles Consultation

4.      More Opportunities: Join the Child Labour Platform and more



1. New Tools & Resources Launched at the Leaders Summit

  • Architects of a Better World: Building the Post-2015 Business Engagement Architecture
  • UN Global Compact Business Partnership Hub
  • UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability 2013
  • Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013
  • The Africa Sustainability Barometer
  • Embedding Human Rights in Business Practice IV
  • A Guide for Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment
  • Stand Together Against Corruption: A Practical Guide to Help Prevent Corruption in the Supply Chain
  • Responsible Business Advancing Peace: Examples from Companies, Investors & Global Compact Local Networks

2. Guide to Water-Related Collective Action

3. Business and Human Rights Learning Tool



1.      Caring for Climate Business Forum at COP19/CMP9 (19-20 Nov, Warsaw)

2.      India Collaboration Lab: New Alliances for Water and Sanitation (22-23 Oct, New Delhi)

3.      Private Sector Partnerships Forum at the Global South-South Development Expo (28 Oct - 1 Nov, Nairobi)

4.      13th Meeting of the Global Compact Working Group on the 10th Principle against Corruption (9-10 Dec, New York)

5.      Upcoming Webinars (October - November 2013)

  • Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in French (16 Oct)
  • Communication on Engagement Policy for Non-Business Participants (23 Oct)
  • Empowering Children and Youth Through Financial Literary and Inclusion (7 Nov)
  • Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum: Human Trafficking and Migrant Workers (11 Nov)

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Published 11 October 2013


Kristen Coco
UN Global Compact