Top 15 GM Sustainability Stories of 2015

Dec 31, 2015 12:00 PM ET


Each year we continue to make progress and chip away at our carbon footprint, reducing the environmental impact of our vehicles and operations while maximizing the positive impact we make in the communities where we live and work.

From electrifying vehicles and finding a second useful life for waste to protecting threatened species and engaging colleges in a vision for a clean energy future, we’ve had plenty of great stories to tell this year. Here are our 15 favorites from 2015.

1. Endangered Ducks in China Find Refuge in Chevrolet Volt Battery Covers

2. 4 Steps to Becoming an ENERGY STAR

3. GM Wildlife World Tour

4. Companies, Entrepreneurs ROCk Detroit through Waste Innovation

5. Powered by the Sun, Wind and EV Batteries, GM Wins LEED Gold

6. GM Joins White House Climate Pledge

7. Happy Retirement: 11 Reflections on the Chevrolet Carbon-Reduction Initiative

8. The (R)evolution of the Car Company

9. 4 Steps to a More Sustainable Supply Chain

10. GM Recognizes Green Dealers

11. 8 Tips to Engage Employees in Sustainable Manufacturing

12. GM’s Urban Garden Project is the Bee’s Knees

13. GM GREEN Addresses Global Water Challenges with Local Solutions

14. Chevrolet Bringing EVs to the Masses

15. Podcast: GM’s Anthony Davis Discusses Company’s Wind Projects

Happy holidays and join us again in the new year for more updates on GM’s sustainability journey.