Time Warner Cable Hosts Cyber Resiliency Summit to Help Businesses and Non-Profits Prevent Cyber Attacks

Time Warner Cable Hosts Cyber Resiliency Summit to Help Businesses and Non-Profits Prevent Cyber Attacks

TWC Business shares top tech challenges for small business

Security experts share tips with non-profits and small businesses on how to keep their network secure in a digital world

TWC Business explains that small and medium sized businesses are easiest targets for cyber attacks

Friday, December 4, 2015 - 10:00am

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Cybercrime was estimated in 2014 to cost the global economy upwards of $575 billion annually. Earlier this year, Time Warner Cable Business Class conducted its second annual small business technology survey and found that 27% of respondents said securing their network from external threats is their biggest technology challenge today.

As a committed corporate citizen, TWC has significant concern around how these very real threats could affect and potentially cripple our small business customers and non-profit partners. As the world and consumers become more connected, organizations need to continue to understand and implement technology that makes their organization more secure, efficient and attractive to customers, members and donors. That’s why Time Warner Cable recently held a Cyber Resiliency Summit in NYC to offer business customers and non-profit organizations an opportunity to learn about the potential cybersecurity risks they face and solutions to address these challenges. TWC offered a similar cyber resiliency summit for community organizations in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Cyber security experts joined TWC for a series of panels and workshops. Cyber experts from the FBI, Kroll, Deloitte, NYU, Credit Suisse, T&M Protection and many others shared information with attendees on data privacy, information security, and how organizations can secure existing databases, learn how to respond to unanticipated cyber-disasters, build capacity in the cybersecurity world, and make cyber security a competitive advantage to grow their business.

The summit featured a keynote address by FBI Special Agent Jay Kramer. Special Agent Kramer is the supervisor of a cyber squad in the FBI’s New York Office. The squad focuses on criminal cyber-crimes, including computer intrusions and unauthorized access to systems. Special Agent Kramer explained the FBI’s commitment to sharing information on threats in the business community and to help businesses understand what they can expect from the FBI if they are a victim of cyber-crime.

In addition to the speakers and panels, attendees participated in hands-on workshops with cyber resiliency experts to create action plans for their organization. These action plans provide the businesses and non-profits with tangible next steps to implement security processes customized for their needs. Non-profit organizations that attended the summit became eligible for a grant from Time Warner Cable to strengthen and enhance their cybersecurity measures. As a result of the summit, businesses and non-profit partners have the tools and knowledge to implement practices that will reduce the risk of a security breach.

As a communications provider for nearly 700,000 businesses and nonprofits, TWC was pleased to organize this summit to help businesses and non-profits protect their organizations from the growing threat of security attacks and technology disruptions.  TWC leveraged its experience as a small business ISP expert to add significant value to our nonprofit partners and business customers, to ensure their sustainability and resiliency.


Vickie Yakunin
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