Time Warner Cable Helps Nonprofits Become Cyber Resilient

Jul 1, 2015 3:00 PM ET

By Iris Duran, Community Investment Manager, Time Warner Cable

On Friday, March 27, 2015, Time Warner Cable brought together nearly 50 Southern California community leaders at a first-of-its-kind summit around building cyber resiliency in the digital world. Featuring presentations by the FBI and the City of Los Angeles as well as cyber security industry experts, TWC’s Cyber Resiliency for Non-Profits Summit equipped more than 25 non-profit organizations with the knowledge and tools to become more cyber resilient.

Held at the Skirball Cultural Center, this convening was part of TWC’s Cyber Resiliency Project for Non-Profits, an innovative undertaking designed by the Community Investment team in partnership with Risk for Good to raise awareness of cyber security as an issue and encourage non-profit action to address the threats. As part of TWC’s commitment to investing in the community as a good corporate citizen, the ultimate goal of this project was to ensure that risk awareness was built for non-profits to take action to sustain their business and deliver on their mission.

Accordingly, the day began with a keynote by an FBI special agent and presentations of the current landscape where cyber threats abound, even for non-profit organizations. Summit attendees were engaged and eager to share their thoughts on the issue during sessions about cyber security conversations in board rooms and a hypothetical cyber breach scenario. Members of TWC’s Security and Business Class teams facilitated these discussions, floating between tables and lending their expertise to the conversation.

Following a beautiful lunch outside, attendees returned to hear Peter Marx, the first Chief Innovation Technology Officer for the City of Los Angeles, speak about the city’s efforts to bolster resiliency in both the cyber and physical worlds. With tools from this and the morning sessions in hand, attendees jumped into an analysis of their own organizations, identifying current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and then began building action plans for implementation with help from Symantec, a leader in cyber security and one of TWC’s partners at this summit.

To wrap up the day, TWC sent non-profit attendees on their way with resources to help them move forward with their action plans. Through a partnership with cyber security consultancy Citadel Information Group, non-profit attendees collectively received $80,000 of donated resources and services from Citadel as well as materials compiled by TWC. Furthermore, TWC made available three $2,500 grants for non-profits to apply for in order to cover cyber resiliency scans by Citadel.

Overall, TWC’s Cyber Resiliency for Non-Profits Summit was a success, shaping the discussion around cyber resiliency in non-profit organizations that provide vital services to the community and positioning the company as a thought leader and committed corporate citizen.  To watch a video about this event, click HERE


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