Tetra Tech Wins Léonard Award at “Grands Prix du génie-conseil” in Quebec

Receiving recognition for our environmental mitigation and rehabilitation work in Port Jervis
May 30, 2018 9:00 AM ET
Photo courtesy of AFG-Quebec

Tetra Tech News

The “Association des firmes de génie-conseil-Québec”(AFG-Québec, Association of Consulting Engineering Firms-Quebec) held the 16th annual “Grands Prix du génie-conseil” event honoring Quebec’s consulting and engineering experts and the industry’s best projects. Tetra Tech was nominated in 4 out of 11 categories, including Industry, Urban Infrastructures, Environment, and Consulting Engineering Mentor of the Year.

The Tetra Tech project titled Atténuation des teneurs en COV et suivi environnemental en temps reel(mitigation of VOC concentrations and environmental monitoring in real time), managed by Patrick Fournier, received the Léonard Award in the Environment category. The project addressed volatile organic compounds (VOC) that had been detected under the floor slabs of an industrial site in Port Jervis. Tetra Tech designed and implemented rehabilitation and environmental mitigation measures using a continuous vapor monitoring system and a software application specifically designed to monitor several compound recovery points in real time. Now, contaminants are captured before they infiltrate buildings, thus ensuring optimum air quality inside the facilities.

The project was recognized due to its innovative nature, level of complexity, social, economic and environmental benefits, and client satisfaction (the KDC | Knowlton Development Corporation).

Tetra Tech’s Quebec team attended the ceremony and received the Léonard Award, which Mr. Fournier accepted on behalf of Tetra Tech’s Environment Market Division. For more information about the “Grands Prix du génie-conseil québécois”, visit the AFG-Quebec website.