Tetra Tech Recognizes June as Safety Month

Sharing safe practices and taking a proactive approach to ensure that no one gets hurt
Jun 1, 2018 9:00 AM ET

Tetra Tech News

June 1, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Tetra Tech places safety at the forefront of its daily operations, and its commitment to safety extends from executive management to hands-on project personnel and office staff around the world.

Since 2010 Tetra Tech has recognized June as Safety Month. In partnership with the National Safety Council, we take this time to reinforce safety awareness among our employees around the world and collectively renew our commitment to safety. Safety Month is a critical component of our overall Safety Program, which proactively works to prevent incidents and make sure that all our employees go home in the same condition as they arrived at work. 

In June 2018 we are focusing on activities that ensure No One Gets Hurt* at work, home, and on the road. During each week of June, we will highlight relevant topics and share safety tips and prevention measures. Because speaking up for safety at the jobsite is everyone’s responsibility, we have challenged all our employees to renew their commitment to safety and participate in various internal and external Safety Month activities.

We will begin the month with a review of Tetra Tech’s Focus Four Injury Prevention Program (FOCUS 4), providing tools and resources to help our employees around the world recognize and control common hazards related to struck by, overexertion, falls, and environmental field hazards. Our FOCUS 4 program reminds us to stay focused on safety and especially the areas that make the biggest impact across our operations.

We also will address general health and wellness, emergency response preparedness, and safe driving. Making healthy lifestyle decisions promotes good health at work and home. During the second week of June, we will share tips on stress reduction, healthy eating, and the benefits of exercise. 

As natural and manmade disasters become more frequent around the world, planning for possible emergencies is critical to make sure everyone stays safe—at home and at work. We will discuss emergency preparedness, including having supplies, planning, and knowing how to stay informed to minimize the impact of emergency events.

We will wrap up the month with the focus on safe driving. Whether you are in a company vehicle or your own car, we want to make sure you are following all safe driving practices. Tetra Tech’s vehicle use policy helps keep its employees safe on the job and while traveling to and from work sites.

Join us as we share information and resources on our social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—throughout the month to ensure No One Gets Hurt.    

*This year’s theme is courtesy of the National Safety Council.