TD Bank Group Helps Create a Legacy of Green Spaces in Over 150 Communities Across Canada to Bring People Together

Aug 31, 2017 3:50 PM ET
Campaign: Urban Green Spaces

This year, in recognition of Canada's 150th anniversary , TD Bank Group launched the #TDCommonGround Project, an initiative to revitalize over 150 community green spaces across the country to bring people together.

Public green spaces are essential to building healthy, strong communities — it's where people meet, talk and play and find common ground. In rejuvenating these green spaces, families and community members will be able to come together to connect with nature — and one another — for generations to come.

The projects range in scale and include seven flagship initiatives:

Dartmouth North Community Centre (DNCC) and Library in Dartmouth

A green space is being created that will extend the four concrete walls of the local library to the outside, bringing the love of reading and nature together for a growing community. The outdoor library will also be equipped with 24-hour Wi-Fi, and support language and computer literacy, education and programming. The project will also include the development of a naturalized playground, an enhanced community event space, improved accessibility pathways and storm water management systems.

The Green Corridor along Five Schools in Montreal

The development of this green corridor in Montreal is the first of its kind in Montreal's 375-year history. The corridor will link five primary schools and secondary schools with two large parks and playgrounds, including an outdoor classroom and the planting of 750 new trees. The newly greened area will cover 4.6 hectares and will provide a powerful connection to nature for the over 6,000 students, school staff and residents who travel through it daily.

Victoria Park Revitalization in Kingston

The redevelopment of the 125-year old Victoria Park will feature a multi-functional green space for families and community members to enjoy. Some of the initiatives include the diversification of the existing tree canopy, a new water play installation with conservation education, a natural garden, and the expansion of community meeting areas.

Pollinator Education Centre at Morningside Park in Scarborough

The creation of a pollinator meadow will connect Morningside Park to the Scarborough Butterfly Corridor, while also serving as a place for the community to learn about the importance of pollinators. A visitor education centre will also be built that will act as an outdoor classroom and learning space through which students and individuals can participate in a variety of educational programs. In collaboration with the Indigenous Place Making Council, the centre will also be transformed into an Indigenous Gathering Place to provide an inclusive and safe place for celebration and for Indigenous communities to come together in the park.

Waterloo Park Pedestrian Entrance and Bridge Twinning in Waterloo

The addition of a new pedestrian entrance and bridge twinning will greatly improve the community's access to the historic 47-hectare Waterloo Park. The new pedestrian bridge will be built alongside the existing bridge, providing separate paths for cyclists and pedestrians, and it will include a lookout area over the lake. This development will help connect the city's two universities (Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier) to uptown Waterloo.

Ralph Klein Park Natural Playground in Calgary

The creation of a natural playground at Ralph Klein Park — which already features an award-winning Environmental Education Centre — will enhance nature-based play for child development and learning. The new construction will be built entirely from natural materials, and will include log and timber climbing structures, hill slides, water play and sand features and arbor hide-outs. This new playground will engage a new audience of visitors.

Forsyth Park in Surrey

A park space is being created in the growing community of Surrey. In collaboration with Surrey Nature Centre, the new 0.6 hectare park will feature custom-designed natural play elements, new trees and gardens, connected pathway systems and other greened areas. This project will also support outdoor studies in the park and new environmental education programs.

In total, TD has invested $6 million in #TDCommonGround projects, helping to create a legacy of community green spaces. To learn more, visit