Take Action This Black History Month

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Jan 19, 2023 10:00 AM ET
Campaign: Activation Kits
Black History Month

February is Black History Month — an opportunity for us to honor and further educate ourselves about the legacy of Black people in North America.

You can help your people take action toward racial justice and equity — while facilitating important conversations — not only during Black History Month, but throughout the year.

This activation kit will help you rally and engage your people this February. Its ready-to-use resources will make it easier for you to launch a campaign in little to no time.

Download the Black History Month Activation Kit and get:

  • News articles — Messaging about the importance of Black History Month and how people can take action.
  • Giving opportunities — Ways your people can take action by donating to vetted nonprofits supporting Black History Month.
  • Image suggestions — Links to images you can license for your campaign.

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