Tackling STEM and Diversity One Student At A Time

Tackling STEM and Diversity One Student At A Time

Time Warner Cable Partners With The New York Urban League

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 11:05am

CAMPAIGN: Connect A Million Minds

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By Maryanne Ravenel, Community Investment Specialist

Fundamentally, we know that diversity plays a huge role not only in a company’s success but in our country’s success. Many of us, myself included, pride ourselves on learning from each other, respecting differences, and valuing our uniqueness.  At Time Warner Cable, it is no different:  we are a company that honors the diverse qualities of our employees as well as our customers. Within the Corporate Brand & Reputation team, we feel empowered to diversify our funding and partner with organizations that reach many different people. One example of such a partnership is our long standing support of the New York Urban League.

The New York Urban League (NYUL) is a civil rights organization that seeks to provide opportunities for members of the communities in New York City to have access to education, employment, and a living environment that fosters mutual respect. Time Warner Cable began our partnership with the NYUL in 2012 with their state of the art educational program, Empowerment Days for Young Women and Young Men, where 300 students visit several different corporations to explore careers throughout New York City. Because of the company’s focus and commitment to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through the Connect a Million Minds initiative, we encouraged the NYUL to shift their theme to STEM and connect their young people to professionals in that field. Since 2012 for Empowerment Days, the NYUL has been focusing on STEM careers and connecting young people to unconventional STEM professionals who look like them and can provide helpful feedback with their future careers. As a result of our partnership, hundreds of young women and men now see STEM as a lucrative, fun and viable career choice.

Throughout the years, our partnership with the NYUL has grown to also support their NEXT Academy, a community STEM engagement program where students learn how to code using Java and HTML and  parents learn why STEM is relevant and how they can help empower their children to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow. Most recently, the NYUL launched their Parents Guide to STEM, which enables parents to connect STEM to everyday life, and provide a pathway for exploration of these fields.

I am lucky to have the privilege of working with the NYUL since 2012. I have seen the impact non-profit organizations and a corporation can have on young people’s education and perspective, especially regarding STEM. Together we have created opportunities to engage young people in STEM and prepare parents for ways to encourage their children to pursue STEM careers. Time Warner Cable is proud to be a partner with the NYUL and so am I. 


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