Straight Talk with Nebraska Farmer

Straight Talk with Nebraska Farmer

Charles Barber has the original Keystone pipeline running through four of his Nebraska farms

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The Keystone pipeline crosses four of Charles Barber's farms

Friday, May 23, 2014 - 11:00am

CAMPAIGN: Keystone XL Pipeline


As Charles Barber walks over remnants of last autumn’s corn harvest, it’s impossible to tell the existing Keystone Pipeline System runs deep beneath his feet. Since the pipeline began operation in July 2010, more than 600-million barrels of oil have safely traveled through the Keystone pipeline that runs through Barber’s farm.

“The ground doesn’t look any different than it did beforehand, or the ground lying next to it,” says Barber. “You farm it; you don’t even know it’s even there. This hasn’t changed any of our process on the way we farm.”

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