Steps to Sustainable Success

Steps to Sustainable Success

M&S Plan A, Unilever Sustainable Living Plan… Everyone’s talking about sustainable business plans, but what are they and should you have one too?
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 10:00am

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Research from Corporate Citizenship, the global corporate responsibility and sustainability consultancy, shows that when it comes to sustainability plans, we’re all in it together.  The research found that leading sustainability plans rely on the involvement of customers and suppliers to achieve ambitious targets set for the business.

Recent years have seen a flurry of plans, such as M&S Plan A and the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.  However, behind the headline grabbing razzle, dazzle of these high profile initiatives lays a comprehensive set of measurable targets, ambitious goals and attention to detail.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important driver of success, more and more businesses around the world are now considering whether they too should be creating their own version of a sustainability plan.  To simplify this task, Corporate Citizenship has created the first ever analysis into what makes a successful sustainability plan.

Based on a study of FTSE100 and Fortune Global 500 companies, key findings of the research show that the best plans set targets beyond their own operations to include suppliers, distributors and customers. Leading plans are closely tied to the business strategy; however they are often communicated through a highly visible, stand-alone brand.

Steps to Sustainable Success identifies five key attributes and ten essential elements of a successful sustainability plan.

Commenting, Mike Tuffrey, director and co-founder of Corporate Citizenship, said:

“Corporate plans are a new step on the sustainability journey where environmental and social responsibilities become part of doing business. The best plans set goals beyond the business itself, form partnerships with NGO’s and government, and involve customers in the company’s journey to sustainability.

Steps to Sustainable Success can be downloaded here.