Start with Customers. Arrive at Solutions.

Start with Customers. Arrive at Solutions.

Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 10:00am

CAMPAIGN: NRG Energy 2020 Sustainability Report

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Finding the optimal path to what’s right

There is no shortage of sustainable solutions for business and residential customers. What’s needed is a guiding hand to help customers navigate through the possibilities and land on what’s right — for them.

At NRG, that’s our role and our difference. It starts with a core value — Customer Focus — that resonates throughout our company. Employees across all departments of the organization set benchmarks for success and are accountable for delivering on our customer-first culture. We use a net promoter score (NPS)14, based on industry standard customer survey data, to measure the willingness of customers to recommend our products or services to others.

This customer-focused mentality has led us to create tools that empower energy users to think critically about their electricity, including where their power is coming from, what impact it has on the environment, and how they can become more engaged. We partner with customers to provide innovative power solutions informed by years of experience as a market leader. 

In particular, our expertise brings customers closer to achieving their energy goals through a range of retail renewable electricity plans, tailored demand response programs, active energy management tools, energy efficiency consulting and products, and carbon offsets for natural gas and gasoline consumption.

Our real-world test lab

From the outside, it looks like a typical home which is exactly the point. Inside it’s a house where new technologies — smart, intuitive, and energy-saving — can be tried, tested, and demonstrated by our energy innovation team. We call it the Smart Home and it’s where smart energy solutions and intuitive energy innovations get their start. With in-person visits not possible, we pivoted to unique virtual tours for government officials, organizations, and other stakeholders.

Expertise at hand

For many business customers, the right solution starts with a conversation with our energy consultants. From there, goals, ambitions, and logistics turn into the right kind of sustainable solution — in many cases, one that wasn’t on their radar initially. For our residential customers, we help them stay in control of their energy usage — and budget.

Capitalizing on the renewable energy future today

Electric vehicles and solar energy are already transforming the lives of businesses and residential customers. Our team is positioned to help both groups embrace the possibilities in ways that are pragmatic and effective.

  • For individuals: A sustainable journey that allows customers to start slow and grow their commitment at their pace — from renewable energy plans to rooftop solar installation to power solutions to charge their EV.
  • For businesses: A sustainability consulting resource to help leverage tools, education, and support — leading to informed decisions around sustainability goals and options for attaining them through optimized supply strategies, demand-side solutions, and sustainability performance management.

Quick success with certified carbon offsets

This solution allows residential customers to compensate for the carbon footprint of the energy they use at home or while traveling. Purchasing certified carbon offsets lets them support projects that avoid or reduce carbon. We make it a quick, easy, and affordable way to achieve sustainability success, offering packages available as a subscription service or through a one-time purchase option. Further customization lets them choose packages to offset travel, driving, gas, electricity, and lifestyle based on EPA emission estimates.

Certified carbon offsets powered by NRG allows any energy consumer in the Northeast to “green up” their lifestyle. Launched in 2020, we have had early success with customers choosing this solution, including at an EV test-drive event held in Princeton, NJ.