From the Source: Conflict Minerals Year 2- The Auditing Challenge

Apr 3, 2015 10:25 AM ET

From the Source: Environmental, Legal, Ethical Compliance

Conflict Minerals Year 2: the auditing challenge 

Compliance Week. Chances are that your company hasn’t yet put too much thought into the Independent Private Sector Audit requirement included in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s conflict minerals rule. 


CFSI posts "Five practical steps to support SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure"

JD Supra. The Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative has posted an updated 2015 version of its practical guidance white paper on conflict minerals specifically for downstream companies, called “Five Practical Steps to Support SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure.”


Groups petition federal agency to ban products containing certain flame-retardants

Environmental Health News.  A group of firefighters, scientists, and health and consumer advocates are petitioning federal authorities to ban children’s products, furniture, mattresses and electronic casings if they contain a class of flame-retardants.


China's anti-corruption crackdown reaches U.S.

CNN Money. Beijing believes at least 150 corrupt Chinese officials have fled to America, according to state media, and has sent U.S. authorities a list of the "priority cases" it is targeting.  


The rise of the conscious consumer: why businesses need to open up

The Guardian. Customers are demanding transparency as they take an increasing interest in the ethical practices of those they buy from. 



White Paper - RCOI: Essential Elements for Tracing Conflict Minerals in Your Supply Chain

If you have initiated your conflict minerals compliance program, you likely began your process by carefully filtering your products to identify those that may contain gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten (3TG) necessary to functionality or production. Based on this focused list, you are now ready to initiate a Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry (RCOI) by working with companies throughout your supply chain. 

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FAQ - Smelter Verification Frequently Asked Questions

The Smelter Verification FAQ is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions regarding verification of supplier provided smelter information basics, research and engagement for unknown smelters, issuers and non-issuers, and publicly available smelter information.

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ALERT - Conflict Minerals Filings Weekly Update

Stay informed on who filed with the SEC each week, by subscribing to this alert. 

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Anti Corruption - 2015 Compliance Guidelines

Source Intelligence powered by CREATe has compiled a reference guideline for any company looking to begin or improve their existing anti-corruption compliance program. Compiled from the framework of the FCPA and OECD guidelines, this piece covers 7 key categories that are essential for a complete anti-corruption program.

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Subscription - Alerts and Updates on Conflict Minerals Resource Center 

The CMRC provides subscription for real time alerts for updates that impact conflict minerals compliance, smelter information, and the most current regulation information. If you have not already signed up for these alerts, click below for free registration for the CMRC and to receive these real time alerts. 

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  Events -
Webinar on Demand - Conflict Minerals Reporting: How to Get it Right By May 2015

Join us for a 30-minute webinar with Jennifer Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer and EVP Operations of Source Intelligence, for case study based guidance on the first step to accurate data, the process and timing necessary to compile supplier data, if filing “undeterminable” is right for your company, and how to develop a program that works for 2014 reporting and beyond. 

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Webinar on Demand - Technology and Anti-Corruption Risk Management: Getting Off The Spreadsheet

The standard "spreadsheet" method of tracking and monitoring 3rd party business partners and vendors is becoming insufficient. In response to companies looking for compliance solutions that meet their global compliance needs, thought leaders will present a complimentary webinar, "Technology and Anti-Corruption Risk Management: Getting Off The Spreadsheet." 

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