Snapdragon Premium Mobile Connectivity Helps Three Small Businesses Compete and Thrive [Video]

Aug 17, 2022 11:00 AM ET

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Client confidentiality may be at risk without premium technology. Healthcare in underserved communities is a gap now elongated by the digital divide. These are just some of the ways the pandemic has disconnected small businesses from communities.

In July 2020, one of our responses to the global crisis was the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program. It was designed to help participants transition to mobile-first models that can thrive in today’s climate. Out of the 375 U.S. applicants, 33 were selected to receive $25,000 in devices with Qualcomm technology and premium wireless connectivity, with the support of Best Buy, Microsoft, Verizon Business, and six other generous companies.

We worked with a broad range of individuals and industries: a female-owned classroom music educator; a minority-owned coffee shop; a telehealth platform supporting Native American communities; a one-woman academic advisor; a hard-hit production company; an orthopedic doctor for the elderly and underserved; and two sustainable energy companies. Each received customized, premium high-speed wireless platforms and technologies designed to work together and help them thrive — even amid ongoing global crises.

Did it work?

Yes. The results are in, and we’re excited to update you on three of the beneficiaries: Canine Support Teams, Mostra Coffee, and Vario.

Seamless premium digital optimizes small-scale security

Opening doors and reaching for medication are simple tasks for many, but disabled people need help in these moments. Canine Support Teams makes life better for these individuals through service dogs. Working mostly with subsidized veteran patients, this small operation must do more with less and retain medical confidentiality.

When Canine Support Teams CEO Carol Roquemore asked us to help her team access sensitive files in-office and on-the-go quickly, we did just that. And today, the trainers can fully realize their mission, thanks to optimized resources.

Check out the video above and learn about the Snapdragon® technology and tools enabling these efficiencies.

Collaboration and connectivity drive innovation and growth

A specialty coffee grower and purveyor striving to inspire lives, create jobs, and serve great beverages, Mostra Coffee is far more than a local spot. Its complex farm-to-table operations require synergy and connectedness. Challenged with keeping remote, multifunctional teams efficient and aligned, co-owner Sam Mantanong applied for help.

Through the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program, we provided the Filipino-run cafe with purpose built mobile computing. And now this San Diego-based business is on track to grow from one to seven locations, with expansion on the horizon.

Check out the video above to see how Snapdragon premium mobile computing is helping this small business scale and grow.

Real-time connection and productivity without Wi-Fi

Live event producers look to Vario for a true partner to bring their vision to life. Which is no easy feat when your lighting, sound, and other production employees work from unfamiliar warehouses, offices, and event venues across the country. So we worked with its CEO, Tim Altbaum, to create solutions around real-time inventory and reporting so production could keep moving forward, even without Wi-Fi.

Today, Vario reports that Snapdragon mobile compute platforms facilitate seamless work and are propelling the company into a new decade.

See how this technology transformation helped them increase productivity anytime, anywhere in the video above.

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