Snackable CSR = Bites of Good

Jul 25, 2012 6:45 PM ET
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By Allison McGuire

While I’m not sure that forward-thinking Intel coined the terminology, “snackable” corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a growing trend. Many companies are switching gears from producing a once-a-year lengthy CSR report to engaging in a more colloquial, story-driven dialogue.

Why? A two-way conversation between companies and consumers is (almost) always more interesting than a company-driven monologue. This process doesn’t hit consumers over the head with your CSR initiatives; instead of overwhelming your audience, snackable CSR gives them time and space to digest bits of information, paving the way for an effective feedback cycle.

And let me tell you this: you want an effective feedback cycle. Engaged consumers are happy consumers. In an age of always-on, hyper-connectivity, everyone wants—and needs—an engaged audience.

Want to try feeding bite-sized information about your CSR initiatives to your customers? Here are 3 ways to get your start.

1) Blogs

Blogs are an incredible tool for growing an audience. Whilst you may have hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook, blog content is typically richer and serves as a fantastic platform for showcasing your good work.

Numerous companies have created blogs around their respective causes. Avon’s new “Avon Calling” uses the platform to discuss how the company works within its three most important pillars: women’s empowerment, sustainability, and philanthropy. The CSR@Intel blog showcases the company’s CSR work all over the world, and asks crucial questions about how technology skills needed in the 21st century can contribute to doing good.

What’s your cause? Why is it your cause? What work are you doing to prove you care about it? Begin your blog by answering those questions, and inspiration will follow.

What are the other 2 ways to give your consumers a bite of CSR? Read on, via