Social Networking to Change the World

Oct 1, 2012 2:35 PM ET
Campaign: CSR & Social Media

By Allison McGuire

Do you work for a company or government agency and want to change the world?While I’m sure you’re already using many of the lessons shared on this blog to do good within your company, you now have an opportunity to use your skillset outside of your day job.

How? Through a new program, LinkedIn Board Connect helps nonprofit leaders easily identify potential board members like you.

Why was this created? We overwhelmingly want to join nonprofits’ boards—the Taproot Foundation found 87% of human resources and 92% of marketing professionals want to serve as a nonprofit board member. It appears the missing gap is between our desire to serve and nonprofits’ possession of the tools to discover new board members.

Meg Garlinghouse, head of social impact at LinkedIn, sits on our board. In a recent blog post on LinkedIn Board Connect, she mentions the benefits of serving on a board. They include:

  • Skillset building
  • Personal and professional network growth
  • Company and nonprofit brand building
  • Helper’s high (our favorite!)

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