Smiles for the People Charts a Green Future with CurrentState

Apr 5, 2013 2:00 PM ET

Tulsa, Ok., - April 5, 2013 /3BLMedia/ - Smiles for the People is a small company with a BIG vision.  Smiles for the People is a for-purpose business. The purpose of the profit they earn is to sustain their development activities and expand their movement of doing what they can to promote better oral healthcare for those who may not be able to afford it.

Smiles for the People’s mission is to sell the high quality and environmentally responsible dental supplies, while also helping improve the oral health of people who can’t access or afford the dentist.

To achieve that mission, they are working to develop long-term relationships with reputable organizations that share their vision of a world where no person lives without access to quality and affordable dental care.  They also donate the equivalent of one toothbrush for every toothbrush they sell.

Their goal is to work with a variety of partners who provide dental care to those in need, advocating for increased access to dental care in their communities, training dentists and other care providers, and teaching people about the importance of proper dental hygiene.

Instead of simply giving away toothbrushes to their partners, they ask them to tell them exactly what they need. They might ask for the funds to open a new clinic, buy supplies, run a training program, or facilitate community outreach and education. In short, a new way of doing business.

Smiles for the People launched on February 26th 2013 with national sales.  

Smiles for the People completed the Small Business version of CurrentState and chose to complete two of the three modules - Green IT and Business. Facilities was not yet applicable given their current size.

The CurrentState Findings Report identified dozens of specific Quick Win opportunities as well as dozens of longer-term recommendations.  Because their organization is young, the CurrentState Findings Report can act as a blueprint for their company as their operations grow.

“As a new startup with an eye towards environmental responsibility, Smiles for the People will benefit in a variety of ways from the CurrentState Small Business Sustainability Audit.” Joe Brennan, Founder - Smiles for the People.

Green IT
The CurrentState Audit found the current IT practices to be quite good.  The Findings Report recommended translating the current practices into formal policies and procedures.  The report also identified several purchasing requirements for IT equipment that could be added that would increase sustainability performance in this area.

“Smiles for the People makes very good use of information technology.  They have taken some great steps to keep needless paper out of their administrative functions as these are being developed.  If they apply the recommendations contained in their Findings Report, they will be very well-positioned for the future.” Anthony Gilbreath, Caelus Principal.

Smiles for the People’s business model is quite innovative and unique.  The CurrentState Audit revealed that most all of business practices they are using are consistent with best practices for a start-up.  However, their Findings Report recommends formalizing their current good practices into formal policies and procedures.  In addition, the report created a blueprint for establishing a carbon management program, creating a comprehensive set of purchasing requirements, and for setting up a green office - all steps that will be essential for green growth in the future.

”It is tremendously helpful to a growing company to have a plan for green growth.  A good plan will ensure that things are done correctly from the beginning.  It also eliminates the need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ at a time when your focus should be on growth.” Anthony Gilbreath, Caelus Principal. 

In conclusion, Smiles for the People is a new type of business - a for-purpose business.  This type of business put purpose before profits.  Sustainable operations is not only compatible with this business model - it is essential.  Smiles for the People has demonstrated through their actions and their words their commitment to not only the people that they serve, but also to the environment. 

CurrentState has provided Smiles for the People feedback on their current practices as well as a blueprint they can follow as they grow.

“I would highly recommend CurrentState for any start-up that wants to be green from day one.

CurrentState has provided us with a roadmap of what we need to do to in order to grow sustainably.”  Joe Brennan, Founder - Smiles for the People.


Joe Brennan
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