Caelus Begins Offering the Online ‘GHG Inventory Quantifier Certification Preparation Course’

Jul 13, 2015 5:15 PM ET

TULSA, Okla., July 13, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Caelus Sustainability Consulting (Caelus) announced today they are now offering the professional 'GHG Inventory Quantifier Certification Preparation Course' online.  Since its launch, the course and certification has provided a globally recognized credential validating the ability of a sustainability professional’s ability to measure and report GHG Emissions based on ISO standards.  The course is delivered by their Toronto-based training partner, HRCarbon

With the demand for GHG professionals expected to increase rapidly over the next five years, organizations will be faced with the challenge of identifying and hiring qualified GHG quantifiers. This course provides the participant a comprehensive, recognized foundation which enables them to quantify, assess and report GHG emissions for organizations of all sizes.  The course is ideal for any of the following:

  • sustainability managers or executives responsible for energy reduction initiatives
  • operational managers and staff responsible for gathering and/or calculating GHG emissions 
  • suppliers required to meet minimum sustainability reporting requirements (such as CDP, GRI, CARB, Walmart or others)
  • students studying sustainability or environmental programs at colleges and universities
  • sustainability professionals who want to add a professional credential recognizing their ability to measure and report GHG emissions
  • sustainability professionals preparing for the CSA Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier (GHG-IQ) certification
  • anyone that would like a better understanding of carbon foot-printing, carbon reporting and carbon management

The intensive learning course also prepares the participant for the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier (GHG-IQ) certification offered by the CSA. The GHG-IQ certification is the first certification in North America to assess professionals in the field of GHG inventory development and calculation, and is designed for international applicability.

The course prepares the student for the following areas of the GHG-IQ certification:  

  • compile and calculate organizational level and facility level GHG inventories
  • apply approved quantification protocols
  • identify emission or removal sources
  • quantify direct emissions, indirect emissions from electricity, heat or steam and other indirect emissions
  • define the organization's GHG inventory boundaries
  • recognizes the difference between physical, chemical and biological emission sources and sinks

Certification programs provide credible global recognition to competent professionals through independent, standardized and accredited processes. CSA Group is a leading standards-based solutions organization serving consumers in the global marketplace. CSA Group is the International Secretariat for the Technical Committee responsible for the development of ISO 14064 & 14065 standards.  

ISO 14064 has been adopted by many countries including all of North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico), Australia, New Zealand, most European, Asian, and some African and Middle-Eastern nations. The methods introduced and taught in the CSA GHG Inventory Quantifier Certification are recognized and accepted worldwide.

This course is the first of several professional sustainability training courses they plan to release as part of their SustainTrain™ sustainability education courses. 

Are you interested in this course?  Visit this page to find out additional information and enrollment instructions:

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