Recognizes 3 Entrepreneurs Accelerating the Green Economy This Earth Day

Apr 20, 2023 3:50 PM ET
3 Sky's the Limit Entrepreneurs Accelerating the Green Economy
Sky's the Limit Entrepreneurs Accelerating the Green Economy

April 20, 2023 /3BL Media/ - As we honor Earth Day this week, three entrepreneurs from the community are leading the charge to reuse and minimize waste now and for future generations.

Hailing from New Jersey, England, and Georgia, these innovative founders are helping accelerate the transition to a more equitable, prosperous, and green economy for everyone, making it more accessible for each of us to invest in our planet.

They are:

  • Tatiana Gomez, based in Belleville, NJ, is Founder of Ceres Market, Corp. offering wholesale, refill and repair options for families to pivot into a sustainable lifestyle and support a circular and nature positive economy.

    “It’s hard to buy an ethically sourced product that doesn’t come in some sort of plastic or non-recyclable packaging. The general public doesn’t have the energy to research every product or constantly purchase online for sustainable alternatives. We do all the work of sourcing and researching sustainable products so that more people can start their own zero waste journey. My goal is to be the next big Costco and open up shops across the country and hopefully the world. I'm motivated to inspire others to start their own zero waste journey on their own terms but with the right resources to make it easier for them,” said Tatiana.

    Being a first-generation American of Colombian descent taught her to question and focus on the consumerist habits of the American way of life as well as the lack of regulation towards environmental conservation. In her journey as an aspiring zero-waste vegan, she found it difficult to buy ethically sourced products that were free of plastic packaging.

    Read more about Tatiana here.

  • Brian Johnston based in Wolverhampton, England, is the Founder of iBiotech Ltd, enabling people and companies to achieve a sustainable, circular economy through the application of green biotechnological methods to create more efficient, healthy, and economical systems and outputs. With a goal of setting a new trend for other modern biotech companies, the organization only uses sustainable biomaterials and does not use any artificially modified organisms.

    “We have developed a vegan bioleather material that does not need plastics. The material is biodegradable and 100% nontoxic, so when it breaks down, it doesn’t have any bad effects on the environment. And this is the unique selling point, we make this material from waste streams, so we use the waste from other industries, process it, and then we create our bioleather. In addition, our material is 100% biodegradable and uses far less water,” said Brian

    Brian has a PhD in biotechnology and microbiology and several years of experience working in the sustainability sector.

    Read more about Brian here.

  • Christina Onuoha based in Jonesboro, GA, is Founder of Vermi Waste LLC, a social enterprise that uses earthworms to transform organic waste into living soil. She created the organization to combat the global garbage crisis locally by reducing the amount of organic waste that warms the planet.

    “I am an n-th generation grower. My ancestors have grown their food as far back as my family can go. My mother in particular fed me with her passion for nature and community. This love for people and the environment undergirds my efforts to engineer circular food systems in Clayton County, GA. I am most inspired by the humble earthworm, a tiny creature that transforms dead organic material into rich soil for all to grow in,” said Christina.

    She has a Bachelor's degree in engineering science and is currently working towards a Master's degree in engineering management.

    Read more about Christina here.

Sky’s the Limit offers opportunities for traditionally marginalized entrepreneurs – typically those who identify as LGBTQI+, BIPOC, women, veterans, disabled people, and people from low-income backgrounds – to connect with mentors to come together to foster, grow, and shape modern and future enterprise.

“My mentors have been my rock. When you’re getting started as a solo entrepreneur with no advisory board built out, it’s important to have a group of people that can act as a sounding board as you develop your business. I am forever grateful for those that have poured into my business and helped me get to this point the past year that I have been on the Sky's the Limit platform,” said Tatiana.

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