Highlights Inspirational Entrepreneur Jonathan Makonnen This Mental Health Awareness Month

May 4, 2023 4:40 PM ET
Jonathan Makonnen, Founder of UNFAZED
Jonathan Makonnen, Founder of UNFAZED

Moved by a desire to enhance positive messaging and representation in the streetwear and athleisure industry, Sky’s the Limit entrepreneur Jonathan Makonnen created a brand that represents an essential mindset where everyone feels driven to be the best version of themselves: UNFAZED.

His brand is more than a fashionable moment; it's a movement. UNFAZED is a unique streetwear/athleisure brand that focuses on empowering all human beings to be their best as often as possible by having a strong, powerful mindset when adversity arises.

“My motivation to keep working on my business stems from the potential to inspire and motivate millions of people through the brand. With 50 million organic uses of #unfazed, I see an opportunity to capitalize on this momentum. I am driven by a desire to leave a positive impact on communities globally and shift the youths’ mindset towards understanding that they can accomplish anything with the right attitude,” said Jonathan.

In 2018 Jonathan was diagnosed with colon cancer. This experience only served to reinforce his belief in his brand. When he received the diagnosis, he found himself demonstrating the values that he preaches, being UNFAZED, and focusing on controlling what he could, not what was out of his control. Confident that this was his purpose, he now spreads this message through his merchandise, and it’s that purpose that keeps him going each day.

“As an entrepreneur, I think the hardest thing is going through a situation and not having the resources or knowledge to correct your mistakes. Two individual mentors, both from Accenture, who have helped me are Shayna Michel and Amritpal Singh. Shayna has been instrumental in discussing marketing strategies for my business and arranging legal resources, while Amritpal assisted me in devising an SEO game plan and handling backend Shopify-related matters. With the mentors' help, I can say more than anything they have given me the confidence that no matter what resources or questions I may have, I know I can present it to them, and it will get figured out. With their resources and help, it sounds cliche, but Sky's the Limit for my business,” said Jonathan.

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