Celebrates Fashion Week With Tyrese Taylor, Founder of Millennial Bae

Sep 7, 2023 2:20 PM ET
Tyrese Taylor, Founder of Millennial Bae
Tyrese Taylor, Founder of Millennial Bae

September 7, 2023 /3BL/ -, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and mentorship, is thrilled to shine a spotlight on Tyrese Taylor, the inspiring Founder of Millennial Bae, during this year’s Fashion Week. Tyrese’s remarkable success story exemplifies the power of passion, determination, and mentorship in the fashion industry.

Tyrese Taylor’s journey into the world of fashion began as a childhood dream. Despite pursuing a major in biology at Bethune-Cookman University, her passion for fashion remained unwavering. When she was a child, she spent hours selling her designs and honing her creative skills. This early passion eventually led her to create Millennial Bae, an online clothing shop that caters to environmentally conscious consumers, offering luxury hair accessories and handmade clothing at an affordable price.

What sets Tyrese apart is her commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, merging her background in genetics with her love for fashion. Her story serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that emerge when ambition meets guidance and dedication.

But Tyrese’s journey wasn’t a solitary one. It was shaped significantly by her mentors, Eileen Kowalski Senior VP, National Recurring Field Exam Manager at PNC Bank North America and Lauren Bates, Director of Member Experience at Sky's the Limit. Their guidance led to dramatic growth, with Tyrese’s sales more than tripling in a single year.

Beyond the support from her mentors, Tyrese received a Sky’s the Limit $500 grant. This grant served as a game-changer, enabling her to invest in marketing tools that expanded her reach and amplified her sales. Tyrese’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of mentorship and the support provided by organizations like Sky’s the Limit.

When describing her work with mentors Tyrese said, “Their uplifting words, success stories of similar entrepreneurs and genuine belief in my vision make me feel supported and valued. It is a good feeling to know that they genuinely care about my success and are eager to celebrate my milestones.”

Read more about her inspirational story here.

To further celebrate Fashion Week and her achievements and inspire others, Sky's the Limit will be hosting the highly anticipated Limitless! premiere featuring the founder herself. Limitless! is a groundbreaking series where entrepreneurs can share their experiences, insights, and strategies for success. This episode will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from Tyrese’s remarkable journey, gain valuable knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain insights into building successful businesses around passion and overcoming challenges in the fashion industry. More details can be found here.

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